Pete Zaitcev (zaitcev) wrote,
Pete Zaitcev

Anime for cheap

Apropos Hanaukyo Maid Tai, or Team, Steven writes that RACS has it for $47.98. This reminds me that in the endless quest to find cheap stuff, I found someone who angles to undercut RACS on price: DVD Pacific (as suggested by one gentleman under the nick "ryx" on #anime at OPN/Freenode). They are a generic DVD store, not specific to anime. They sell Hanakyo Maid Team for $37.24, with reasonable S+H rates (about $4.70).

RACS is the paragon of excellent service among anime merch outfits, so the onus is on these pacific people not to screw the order too badly. The ten bucks of difference can buy me a few rounds of DDR, or perhaps a deeply discounted R1 DVD. I can bear the difference easily, if it means not dealing with aggravation.

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