Pete Zaitcev (zaitcev) wrote,
Pete Zaitcev

Darcy on CDMI

Apropos Jeff Darcy mentioning CDMI and Swift in one paragraph, I looked briefly at the CDMI patch for Swift.

  • It exists
  • +2995 by diffstat, but well-confined in WSGI middleware pipeline
  • Only implements a small subset of the spec, enough to attend plugfests

The basic idea is that CDMI is the same front-end technology to Swift back-end as Jeff's model of SMB vs. Gluster. It aims to unsettle the S3 API, and you know there's a reason why Google Storage is S3 with very minor changes. Unfortunately, proponents of CDMI trade the strangehold by Amazon for a strangehold by a standards committee, and those who remember X.25 and OSI have a pretty good idea how that works out. After I poked at CDMI, I thought it wise to back away slowly.

Everyone who uses Swift these days just use Swift's native Cloud Files API. That includes Jeff's own Image Warehouse, which has two almost identical back-ends for "s3" and "cf" in about 50 lines of C code each. Try that with CDMI. Although, knowing Jeff, he probably can code a CDMI client in that much, using nothing but libcurl and libc :-)

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