Pete Zaitcev (zaitcev) wrote,
Pete Zaitcev

prelink 2007-2013

Before we celebrate the death of prelink properly (no more insufferable cron jobs), let us toast its excellence, particularly in robustness under very difficult circumstances: when failure cannot be tolerated. A mistake in roto-rooting your libraries means the box fails to boot -- or worse. I want my code be like Jakub's

Throughout these years I felt free to rpm -e prelink and expected everything working fine, including all the yum upgrades.

I think the main reason prelink died is that it attacked the problem of optimizing bad software: mainly making OpenOffice and Firefox start quicker. Once bad software became good, prelink faded. Its benefits in the age of Python are not as great and it helps not at all if you do not abuse shared libraries. The lesson here is, you cannot really fix bad sofware with a thin wrapper of good software.

And now, yay.

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