Pete Zaitcev (zaitcev) wrote,
Pete Zaitcev

PTG, Sheraton, Atlanta

Serious reports trickle in (one, two), but on the lighter side, how was the venue? It's on the other side of the downtown, you know.

Bum incursions were very mild. Most went to the coffee area at the 1st floor, under the lobby level of Sheraton. One was remarkable though. I saw him practicing an unusual style of fighting on the sidewalk, with deep squats and wild swings - probably one of them prison styles. Very impressive, and also somewhat disturbing since all I have for him is checking with feet as well as I could, then move in for grappling phase, and then it's luck... Once done with his routine, he proceeded right past the coffee into the 2 rooms where some other org was meeting (not OpenStack) and started begging food off the hotel workers setting up tables. I heard him claiming that he was very hungry. Seemed super energetic and powerful a few minutes prior lol. But as much as I know, no laptops were stolen at the PTG (unlike e.g. OLS and UDS). Only goes to show that the main hazard is the venue staff and bums are more of an amusement, unless it's a really rough area.

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