Pete Zaitcev (zaitcev) wrote,
Pete Zaitcev

Xen: Absolute pointer

I locked horns with SCT a little bit. He wants us to proceed with the absolute pointer in Xen, whereas I wanted to salvage the relative pointer. Stephen always thinks very clearly and strategically (which is why he is a Red Hat Fellow, and I am a Senior SW Eng.), and he destroyed all my waffling about "difficulties" with one sentence.

Part of this was due to my sickness. I get up and do not feel up to serious work. Then I think, "who knows if I live until the next week... let's just fix the relative pointer quickly, and maybe then get to the absolute pointer -- some other time." Letting one's bodily functions to make decisions this way is the most moronic way to plan software development, so I am feeling guilt, headache, remorse, and high temperature now. BTW, my sweat erodes plastic on my laptop.

On the other hand, if I were to make the absolute pointer right, I'd need to hack on X. The mere thought gives me chills. The last time I did that it was on XFree86 3.3.6.

Tags: linux, xen
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