Pete Zaitcev (zaitcev) wrote,
Pete Zaitcev

How can a DVD destroy your OS?

I came this close to registering to Bridgebunnies, because of this comment:

The reason I have time to type this is because when we put the second DVD of Dual! into his player (he uses a mini-box to drive his HDTV and record programs to a hard drive instead of a TIVO), it hard-crashed the system. Somehow, it not only did that, but it fubared the operating system. So now we get the entirely unjoyful experience of reinstalling XP and all his DVD programs. Instead of watching anime.

The desire to gloat was near-overwhelming. But let those Mac users to stoop to it.

Actually, I'm joking. The real reason was that hate commenting where registration is required.

Also, herding MythTV is no picnic. We have an enthusiast or two of it a local LUG (, and I keep hearing war stories and seeing live demonstrations at installfests.

And thirdly... Coincidently, fuzz testing of our filesystems uncorked some nasty stuff just recently. I suspect that fs/udf/ might not be a shining example of bulletproof coding, and some people would have little trouble making magic DVD images.

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