Pete Zaitcev (zaitcev) wrote,
Pete Zaitcev

Mysterious collar

I noticed a while ago that girls in anime wear a collar sometimes. I saw it first on characters who had a risque side, so for some reason I thought that the collar was intended to match the underwear, as a way to show one's panties without actually showing them.

On reflection though, I concluded that the collars cannot be matching (at least, not typically). Momono-san's collar is always dark, and the dark doesn't seem to suit her style. And Chii's collar is downright impossible to imagine worn under clothes, especially the blue strap.

I guess it's just an accessory after all, with no greater meaning to it than to earrings. I wonder if real people wear it, or if it is a purely anime trope.

{Update: Another example:

In this case, it's a tatoo! [No, it's not a tatoo. Just looks that way in this screencap. --P3] But the character is a god (a kami), so I'm not sure it counts for anything.}

{Update 2006/12/17: This is just perfect. Megumi from Muteki Kanban Musume:

Megumi does not wear one normally, but she puts it on to go with the special uniform to attract customers.

I think the picture becomes clearer. Chii's victorian "choker" is different. It is a part of her dress, not underwear. Dark collars are distinct and form the "playful" group. No underwear connection there either. Another myth put to rest.}

{Update 2007/01/04: This example is delivered by the banner rotation at Chizumatic (somewhat blurry due to resizing):

This time, it's black lace.}

{Update: 2007/01/06: More and more. This is from Ninja Nonsense aka 2x2 Shinobuden:

The collar is not black, and similar in color to Shinobu's gloves. She does not wear any underwear under her ninja uniform save for some sort of fishnet wrap.}

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