Pete Zaitcev (zaitcev) wrote,
Pete Zaitcev

LCA: Over

I decided to fly out without a laptop, for reasons which seemed sensible at the time. I did it once with OLS, and it was all right, but that was back when we used ssh with one-time passwords for remote access. But we switched to VPN now, so no mail except Gmail. Every time I heard that someone was looking for me, I became worried that we have a Sev.1 ticket at work. Also, e-mail gardens are entirely passe now: LCA's one had 4 seats, which would not be turned on until talks well and truly started...

I did a few other wrong things this time as well. For example, it turned out that my DS's charger is 110V only. I only found about it when I plugged it into a 220V outlet.

After the conference, I visited local Kinokonuya with Pixy. They have a great selection of nicest boxed sets. Since Australia lags somewhat, you can see things like Lain (prettiest light blue box ever), Stellvia in a full size box, and so on. Also, I saw manga for Banner of the Stars, which was quite a shocker. It had a cute Lafiel at the cover [pic].

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