Pete Zaitcev (zaitcev) wrote,
Pete Zaitcev

Mai-Hime WIP

Another netflixed title, Mai-Hime is not off to a good start. So far it was breasts, breasts, breasts, and more breasts.

Did I mention breasts? Oh, and monsters. Monsters which steal bra and panties. I understand that anime is not supposed to make sense, but there are limits.

Animation is way too cheap for a big production. And the worst is, I hate when creators visibly cut corners. One thing is to have the animation basic. It can be artistic, even breath-taking (like in Fuujin Monogatari [link, link]). And another thing is this:

What is up with the el-cheapo 3D backgrounds? My laptop can ray-trace better! Cheepskates. And the face is a blob. Thanks for keeping the nose at least, losers. The screencap of the girl trying the bra for the first time above is a still art. If they animated the whole show like that, I might've liked it. But that was too hard for them.

Finally, the voicework tends to go down the toilet every time voices get raised. Which happens a lot, naturally.

I'm going to stick with the show for now, but it's very much on probation.

Tags: anime
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