Pete Zaitcev (zaitcev) wrote,
Pete Zaitcev

My God, It's Full of Chiyo-chans

On the topic of Manabi Straight, Jonathan writes:

After seeing a total of three episodes, I can’t get past the obvious problem that everyone else comments on: that the supposed high school students look ten years old (at most). Is this just a stupid and distracting drawing convention? Is the world of the future suffering from an epidemic of some terrible chibifying disease?

Probably not, since the students from the other high schools look like normal teenagers, as does Manabi’s brother. Here’s another possibility: perhaps Seiou High School is a special school for child prodigies, a school full of Chiyo-chans if you will.

It seems that I was remiss in joining the everyone. Now that I reach back to ep.1, I remember that girls looked somewhat chibified, but I wrote it down to the drawing convention. And, talking of stupid and distracting, Manabi has a long way to go until it reaches Divergence Eve.

Over time, I became desensitized to the art and completely forgot that it looked odd. Also... Momoha seems properly endowed.

I could add Mei, too. She gives Sakaki-san a run for her money.

I wrote about a school full of Chiyo-chans before, but I meant the spirit of the show, rather than the appearance of the main group. They look ok to me now.

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