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Lucky Star

If things go as they do, this is going to be 100% anime blog. Seriously, is anyone interested in my complaints about HP iLO telling Linux "I will send you position in the range from 0 to 3000", and then multiplying every datum by 3000 (which puts every nonzero report outside of the range)? Oddly enough, Windows work (reportedly). Maybe I should call Bruce Perens or Bdale Garbee... OK, just kidding.

Lucky☆Star went out of the gate with an enormous load of expectations. Almost every blog I follow dedicated it a post or more. Moe-Moe Lab: "I don’t think it was all it was cracked up to be," Jeff Lawson (Hop Step Jump): "a mixed bag", AoMM: Panned, Minaide Hazukashii: "episode 2 of sucky star was just as bad", THAT: using as an opportunity to editorize about KyotoAni and the future of the art, BasuGasuBakuHatsu: quite positive, Nick Lustre: positive, Kawaii Menace: only poll at first, "Indifferent Star" later, Anime Desho Desho: panned badly, Bridge Bunnies lifted a bunch of quotes from others, got confused, Wonderduck: confused as well, Brickmuppet: Shrill Lolis, Karoshi: very positive, Kono Sono: not very coherent or articulate, BigN: somewhat positive.

My initial and flawed impression is that of Azumanga humor without Azumanga's substance. What's worse, creators had no idea what made Azumanga successful: this is the only explanation I see for the Lucky Channel. So while I hope that Lucky Star's special ingredient is there and just escapes my understanding, it probably is not present after all.

I really like the simple dialog. For example, Miyuki (pictured above) said: "まぜたりはしませんが、均等(きんとう)に なるように しています" ("I don't mix them, but I make sure they're balanced," or, literally, "I will become them into balance"). Actually, "kintou" was neigher in my Kodancha nor in Seigo Nakao's, so I had to look it up at But overall, girls use basic forms which I studied before, and listening to them feels very pleasant and comfortable.

I don't think I'll follow this, I'm much too busy with work right now, but it may be something to revisit later.

UPDATE: Who knew, but I stuck with it to the end [link].

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