Pete Zaitcev (zaitcev) wrote,
Pete Zaitcev

Rocket Girls and Engineer's Disease

I don't think that I have an acute case of Engineer's Disease, but Rocket Girls seem to be designed specifically to bother engineers.

To begin with, LS-5 seems goofy: it's a "1.5STO" design. It uses a single core stage, asisted with solids, which explains why its payload capacity is so miniscule. OK, I can see that perhaps staging was the main issue with LS-7. All right. It's strange, but acceptable: SSA wanted to avoid staging at all costs. But what is weird is the LS-5's enormous payload adapter. What in the world is it for?

The craft uses its OMS for the final kick, which is ok. Shuttle does the same. However, why did Morita say she's entering the transfer orbit (in her accented English)? OMS is used to exit the transfer orbit.

And finally... the engine bell is sticking through the heat shield.

As I mentioned it before, it's not impossible, and it was done before. But it sure looks like SSA engineers have a penchant for odd solutions. I'm not surprised that they run into weight issues.

Now the burning question is... Since the design is obviously reusable, how does it land? On the fire? Then, it must have landing gear, right? I expect it to splash down, considering the locale. And if the engine fails, is there an emergency escape system like on Vostok? I guess I have to watch all of it now.

P.S. Considering that the craft is reusable, it's very odd that it sheds the escape tower. {Update: Dragon sheds the tower too, I forgot about it. And so does Orion, as mentioned in coments.}

P.P.S. Writing is excellent, but the animation ticks me off livid. I just can't stand how computerized it looks.

Tags: anime, space
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