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I was quite busy with hackery and work recently, and in the same time a) there was a number of interesting shows starting this season, b) Netflix queue continues to churn, so I am having a record number of series running simultaneously (only very slowly).

Some time back I had fun selecting a single screenshot to depict whole series. For Hanaukyo Maid Tai it was a success, with selected shots oozing deeper meaning. Unfortunately, this meaning is likely to get lost, so I'm going spell it out from now on. Yes, it's like explaining a joke when nobody laughed after the punch line.

Abenobashi is often said a vastly improved Excel Saga, although they only borrowed the series structure where heroes spend each episode in the new parody world. The screencap illustrates the unexpectedly good production values and characters.

So far, Gurenn-Lagann's essense is manic action, with a good helping of humor and Yoko's boobage. If Zero no Tsukaima is ultimate harem, Gurenn-Lagann is ultimate shonen. It really is great, but not my kind of anime and I am in the process of dropping it actually. The screencap highlights the preposterous design of just about everything in the show.

Lucky Star I blogged before. This is another Excel Saga wannabe, only in being equally self-referencial into otakudom this time. I am trying my best to ignore the in-jokes and just listen to the characters, then hit the stop button when Akira-chan appears. The picture is for the scene which allegedly costed series director his job.

Nadesico is a pseudo-classic (1996 vintage). It started very well and was great fun but seems sagging midway, due to the poorly executed, railroaded harem. Picture needs no comment, the meaning is quite shallow here.

Rocket Girls is designed to irritate engineers. On top of that, character designs piss me off tremendously. They feel very computerized and clumsily made. I should've dropped it long ago, but... it has realistic rockets. I am, after all, a reader of Rand Simberg, so I have to do this. The picture is my revege, showing the fantastically ugly main heroine.

Xenoglossia is Mr. Lawson's fault. I followed him here like I followed Steven with Nadesico. I'm gullible that way. I hated Mai-HiME, so what am I doing watching this? Well... it's not exactly Mai-HiME, for one thing. And it can be amazingly exciting (see the picture).

When I have no energy left for anything else, I'm rewatching Mahoraba. If this goes as it does, I see the importation of R2 DVDs in my future. Strangely, or maybe naturally, I don't have a screenshot with a built-in joke for it... If I want a capsule description, I often fall to "makes psychosis look heartwarming", but it's difficult to find a shot for that.

All together, 7 shows currently running.

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