Pete Zaitcev (zaitcev) wrote,
Pete Zaitcev

Ted Tytso on [Open]Solaris

Ted suddenly decided to talk OpenSolaris. Pretty interesting... at least for me, since I spent 7 best years of my life in Sun's orbit.

In passing, aside from the bulk of the post, it seems to me that the final argument, about competitors selling Solaris support, does not hold water. This is exactly what Oracle attempted with their clone of CentOS and they weren't very successful, despite having a strong Linux team under Wim.

Other than that, he's probably right. But he's going to get responses. Whenever I mention Solaris (last time it was when I linked to Jeff Bonwick's blog), I get the most inane responses from Solaris fanboys. It looks like a very vocal community of users, if not contributors. Sounds like Apple almost.

This puts the damper on any dreams I may have about re-living the glory of my youth by getting back to hacking on that codebase.

UPDATE: Not sure why Levon decided to post his reply to his personal blog instead the one at Sun. Surely the other one is more relevant?

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