Pete Zaitcev (zaitcev) wrote,
Pete Zaitcev

Raising in rage against Eucalyptus in Fedora

At leat at present junction, it's a "no", although of course I cannot stop confused people from packaging it. Things that concern me about Eucalyptus:

* Lack of any kind of willingness to work with the outsiders, unless they are of course Ubuntu. It's even documented. You want to eat crumbs off someone's else table? I sure don't.

* Crazy Xensource-like premature commercialization with I expect trouble getting understanding (in addition or in explanation of the above).

* We already have all sorts of management stuff with oVirt, sVirt, libvirt, etc. Eucalyptus is a direct competitor for all that, not a complement to it!

* Maybe their compute cloud is the second coming of Christ, but on the storage cloud side, their S3 is worse than what I have today (except in bugginess, perhaps). And I'm sure Jeff Garzik is happy to accept patches, which is the key, goddamit.

All these points are subject to reconsideration in the future, but for now it's pretty obvious to me. I am surprised Greg doesn't think so.

UPDATE: Greg comments further. His is a different view, he wants a coherent cloud story now. But I remember too well how much of steamroller Xen seemed a few short years ago, and where did it go? So, I tend to think we need good code more than coherent story. Perhaps I'm unduly idealistic. And yes, our patchwork of projects and packages is frustrating.

UPDATE 2011/10: Greg went to work for Eucalyptus the company. Meanwhile, we've got OpenStack RPMs.

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