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Small people [05 Aug 2004|10:19am]
Advogato brings this gem today

    Second of all, this town! MY HELL THIS TOWN! Look up the population sometime, but the place is flipping small. And everyone knows everyone else! I cant stand all the overly friendly smalltown corn-munching idiots that this town festers with like they were flies on a carcas. Everywhere we go, whether my parents have ever been there before or not PEOPLE KNOW THEM. I cant stand going into a store and everyone knows my parents, and, by extension, me. Give me the sweet anonymity of a cold-hearted big city any day over this gushy, mushy, garbage.

This just made my day. Judging by the description by Sam Hart quoted above, I should dearly love to visit Green River, Wyoming. It must be a wonderful place.
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