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Pete Zaitcev's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Pete Zaitcev

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[23 Sep 2004|08:51pm]
So, I'm a Black Belt Candidate now. Tired and dehydrated. Legs are bruised a little bit, as my testing partner was a little too restive with his kicking. My judge wrote on my form "RELAX!" in big letters. I was learning to relax for years, all to no avail. I can remember about it if I have a moment, but once action starts piling up I tense back.

This was the last test in the school. The next test is to be a 2-day Black Belt test out at the association in the Bay Area, with grappling in the mud, the test show, timed push-ups, running all day and all such nice things. These days testers come all the way from Colorado.

Essentially I'm done with the curriculum now. The next year is to get the speed up, get the snap in all movements, drop the body fat content, and to perfect the techniques. Oh, and learn to relax.
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