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Pete Zaitcev's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Pete Zaitcev

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[16 Nov 2004|10:21am]
Japan-A-Radio rocks at present, but I cannot help but wonder about their business model, and thus, sustainability. Paying for all that bandwidth cannot be too cheap, and what about relationships with righs holders and liability insurance?

The quality of the 24kb/s stream is intolerable. I would be completely fine with a low bandwidth stream with low quality, because I need a radio to expand my horizons. I can listen of AM radio just fine. However, the low bandwidth stream is not frequency limited, it simply delivers a bunch of artifacts. Apparently, Ogg cannot be used in this application, but they do not want to bother with things like Speex.

The 128kb/s stream sounds great, no problem here. My only concern is that pulling a station all day long consumes quite a bit. Doing it 24x7 is 37GB every month, which is asking for getting disconnected by Comcast, which those people do without any warning, unfortunately.

Getting an unmetered connection would certainly help, but does such a thing even exist?
In any case there is no realistic alternative to cable in this neighborhood. I was on DSL, but had to drop it because PacBell (ASI, actually) refused to deal with my line problems. Any other ISP would use the same line pair, so switching ISPs was pointless. Fixed wireless exists, but it's significantly more expensive. DirecWAY sucks in general (requires an XP box to drive their USB device, how about that), and it's $70/mo, too.

At least Rhythmbox works, thanks for that. It could be some WMA-only crap kind of station.
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[16 Nov 2004|05:43pm]
Bastien fed me a bug a few days ago, which turned out to be one of the most stupid errors I have ever committed. I thought about ranting about it, but really, what new can be said? Good thing I'm not some kind of a hacking Samurai, or I'd feel compelled to commit Harakiri in an act of public apology. Here's the code:

static void ohci_complete_add(struct ohci *ohci, struct urb *urb)

  if (urb->hcpriv != NULL) {
    printk("completing with non-null priv!\n");

  if (ohci->complete_tail == NULL) {
    ohci->complete_head = urb;
    ohci->complete_tail = urb;
  } else {
    ohci->complete_head->hcpriv = urb;
    ohci->complete_tail = urb;
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