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Pete Zaitcev

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[15 Dec 2004|01:05am]
The worst thing that can happen to a computer user is panic. One of my favourite bloggers, Rand Simberg, is having problems with Fedora and panics:

    I recently decided to upgrade to Fedora. It stopped as it was trying to load the X upgrades, with a fatal error, telling me that it was either bad media (the CD passed a media check), inadequate disk space (it's an almost-empty eighty gig drive), or a hardware problem. I replaced the motherboard with a different kind, thinking that the problem might be in the AGP section. Same result. [....]

    Is there some way to get it to bypass the X installation, so I can at least complete the Fedora upgrade, and then try to fix X separately? For instance, if I do an install instead of an upgrade, is there some way I could deselect those packages, but still preserve the data in /home?

This is rather scary. I thought e-mailing with suggestions, but I am sure to make things worse. Note that this is an experienced user who probably worked with UNIX before Linux even existed. If Rand's brain can blank out like that just because Anaconda said something stupid after it was unable to upgrade X, just imagine what happens with recent Windows graduates. Let us all pray that his /home is a separate mounted partition.
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