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Mai-Hime WIP again [09 Feb 2007|02:08pm]
Mai-Hime keeps pissing me off with the tragedy. If I were into this stuff, I'd be watching Kanon, or Air.

What is this shit?!

So basically what we have here is that the writers manufactured a sympathetic character and destroyed her to explain someone else (the chick who is apparently an alien). Way to take a page from Abe's notebook, only he did it way better with Mika in Lain. If I had to pay for this DVD, I'd be too pissed to continue. Damn you, Netflix!

A little bit of grey-on-grey follows. My reading and Ana-chan's reading were quite different. I thought that Akane has cracked long time ago, when she was a child. She used her super powers to make her imaginary boyfriend real. So, he disappeared when she lost her power. But Ana-chan postulated that the guy was real. Instead, when HiME finds the child, the child attaches to what is most dear for her. If the child is destroyed, it magically takes the abovementioned person or item down with it. I suspect that some amount of googling was involved into her theory, it is quite outlandish, but coherent.

On the positive note, Crescent Love overtook Mai-Hime in the race to the bottom in the animation quality division. [That's because Mai-Hime actually went up, see the update below. — Ed.]

Hey that's not too bad...

OK, yes, the character detail level is low, but it's just how it is in 2006. The artists can't really help it, they are told: "make it easy for key animators and inter-frame animators or take a hike." As a result, the difference between a blockbuster affair like Mai-Hime and a bargain basement deal of Crescent Love is in backgrounds, motions, chibification (missing from Mai-Hime), and a pretty, saturated color key (missing from Crescent Love).

{Update in 2009: Every time I revisit this page it irritates me how silly it all is. Screencaps above look big-budget even years down the road. Unfortunately, the series never lived down the initial shock with me. The extraordinarily ugly mug of Mai was just too much.}

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