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Firefox 64 autoplay in Fedora 29 [18 Dec 2018|11:53am]

With one of the recent Firefox releases (current version is 64), autoplay videos began to play again, although they start muted now [1]. None of the previously-working methods work (e.g. about:config media.autoplay.enabled), the documented preference is not there in 64 (promised for 63: either never happened, or was removed). Extensions that purport to disable autoplay do not work.

The solution that does work is set media.autoplay.default to 1.

Finding the working option required a bit of effort. I'm sure this post will become obsolete in a few months, and add to the Internet noise that makes it harder to find a working solution when Mozilla changes something again. But hey. Everyting is shit, so whatever.

[1] Savour the bitterness of realization that an employee of Mozilla thought that autoplay was okay to permit as long as it was muted.

UPDATE 2019-04-10: They updated Firefox to v.66 "Quantum", right in the middle of F29. The above is not enough now. One must also set media.autoplay.enabled.user-gestures-needed to false. Apparently, it's a bug and may be fixed in the future.

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