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Pete Zaitcev

Hard numbers from China

It looks like almost every cloud provider hide their numbers, which makes guidance and education unnecesserily difficult. To be fair, I think I saw AWS posting a few items for S3, but forgot to save it. So, I'm going to preserve what one Chinese gentleman posted to OpenStack list, in the context of Swift performance issues:

Our practice of  Sina Web Service Team

total accounts:          121,961;
total containers:        160,703;
total objects:        14,291,519;
total storage usage:   1.3T

account replication time:      10 hours;
container replication time:    10 hours;
object replication time:       48 hours;
account audit time:             2 hours;
container audit time:           9 hours;
container update time:         19 hours;

Unfortunately he omitted the requests per second and gigabytes per second that the cluster is sustaining from the users, but it's very interesting anyway.

QUICKIE: Apparently I meant the official post about Amazon S3:

total objects:   905,000,000,000
total bytes:     ?
requests/s:           650,000

UPDATE 2012-06-12: Amazon announced that they reached a trillion:

total objects: 1,000,000,000,000
total bytes:     ?
requests/s:           650,000

The growth rate, according to my calculations, is 18,325 objects/s. The blog article claims 40,000 objects/s.

Tags: cloud, openstack, storage, swift
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