Pete Zaitcev (zaitcev) wrote,
Pete Zaitcev

SwiftStack versus Swift

Erik Pounds posted an article on SwiftStack official blog where it presented a somewhat corporatist view of Swift and Ceph that comes down to this:

They are both productized by commercial companies so all enterprises can utilize them... Ceph via RedHat and Swift via SwiftStack.

This view is extremely reductionist along a couple of avenues.

First, it tries to sweep all of Swift under SwiftStack umbrella, whereas in reality it derives a lot of strength from not being controlled by SwiftStack. But way to assuage the fears of monoentity control by employing the PTL, guys. Fortunately, in the real and more complex world, Red Hat pays me to work on Swift, as well as offer Swift as a product, and I do not find that my needs are in any way sabotaged by PTL. Certainly our product focus differs; Red Hat's lifetime management offering, OSPd, manages OpenStack first and Swift as much as it's a part of OpenStack, whereas SwiftStack offer a Swift-specific product. Still it's not like Swift equals SwiftStack. I think RackSpace continue to operate the largest Swift cluster in the world.

Second, Erik somehow neglects to notice that Ceph provides a Swift compatibility through a component known as Rados Gateway. It is an option, you know, although obviously it can never be a better Swift than Swift itself, or better Amazon S3 than S3 itself.

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