Pete Zaitcev (zaitcev) wrote,
Pete Zaitcev

Curse you, Jon Masters! Why do you always have to be right!

My friend and colleague Jon is proud of his disdain for Linux on desktop (or tablet, for that matter), and always goes around telling people how OSX always works on a Mac, because Apple performs integrated testing etc. etc.. The latest episode involved him buying a lemon Dell XPS 13. Pretty much nothing worked right on that pitiful excuse for a computer, and I am sorry to admit, I felt a little smug telling Jon on Facebook how well my ASUS UX303LB worked under Fedora. I've not had a failure to resume even once in the years I had it (yeah, my standards are this low).

Long story short, Fedora 24 came out and I'm given the taste of the same medicine: the video on the ASUS is completely busted. I was able to limp along for now by using the old kernel 4.4.6-301.fc23, but come on, this is clearly a massive regression. Think anyone is there to bisect and find the culprit? Of course not. I have to do it it myself.

So, how did F24 ship? Well... I didn't test beta versions, so I don't have much ground to complain.

UPDATE: While upsream is working on the fix in the next release, I'm using i915.enable_psr=0.

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