Pete Zaitcev (zaitcev) wrote,
Pete Zaitcev

Police action in the drone-to-helicopter collision

The year 2017 was the first year when a civilian multicopter drone collided with a manned aircraft. It was expected for a while and there were several false starts. One thing is curious though - how did they find the operator of the drone? I presume it wasn't something simple like a post on Facebook with a video of the collision. They must've polled witnesses in the area, then looked at surveilance cameras or whatnot, to get it narrowed to vehicles.

UPDATE: Readers mkevac and veelmore inform that a serialized part of the drone was recovered, and the investigators worked through seller records to identify the buyer.

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As far as I read the owner got identified by a spare part that got stuck in the helicopters engine fan: (last paragraph) and from there they got a serial number that was traceable.
Они нашли моторчик от квадрокоптера и спросили у DJI по серийному номеру кто купил его. Так и нашли. Инфа об этом была в статье в одном из журналов типа arstechnica. Щас не помню в каком.
Must have been a fairly large drone, not a toy like the little one I have that is barely 8" across.