Pete Zaitcev (zaitcev) wrote,
Pete Zaitcev

Jack Baruth on the agile development

As seen at a blog about cars:

Every software shop from Hyderabad to Cleveland now faithfully, and idiotically, replicates a cargo-cult version of the “standups” and “kanban methods” that were designed to work on a factory floor.

The “standups” are particularly miserable: Toyota’s version was best understood as a five-minute meeting where any potential issues in a given assembly-line department would be sorted out before the shift began, but under the corrupting influence of IBM, Accenture, and other “body shops,” the concept has degenerated into a 45-minute hellscape of offshore “engineers” mumbling a list of their miniature accomplishments out of a speakerphone while everybody else shifts from leg to leg and attempts not to fall asleep.

Shit, man. If even a pro racer turned autojourno can tell, we in software are past the point of ridiculous. That said, morning assembly is nothing new - it was a thing in the 1950s, long before Toyota. It even had native names: in Russia it was called "lineyka", in Japan it was "cho~rei".

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The big fad at the Lazy B Ranch is "Lean Manufacturing" which in reality is brittle and time consuming, and seems to be centered around the belief that enough rigidity can make it so that shit doesn't happen. But shit happens all the time, and when a part breaks or a bolt strips, "Just in time" delivery and supplying only exactly enough bolts turns into a major block in the schedule, when a missing bolt can turn into a two hour wait and a bad part takes three days to replace.