Pete Zaitcev (zaitcev) wrote,
Pete Zaitcev

The Proprietary Mind

Regarding the Huston missive, two quotes jumped at me the most. The first is just beautiful:

It may be slightly more disconcerting to realise that your electronic wallet is on a device that is using a massive compilation of open source software of largely unknown origin [...]

Yeah, baby. This moldy canard is still operational.

The second is from the narrative of the smartphone revolution:

Apple’s iPhone, released in 2007, was a revolutionary device. [...] Apple’s early lead was rapidly emulated by Windows and Nokia with their own offerings. Google’s position was more as an active disruptor, using an open licensing framework for the Android platform [...]

Again, it's not like he's actually lying. He merely implies heavily that Nokia came next. I don't think the Nokia blunder even deserve a footnote, but to Huston, Google was too open. Google, Carl!

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"don't be, evil!"
Marissa Mayer killed that motto officially in 2008. It's more than 10 years in the past now.
Hence the comma position.
Handspring had a PDA/Phone in 2000. I was at Palm working on one that had networking through the phone system Instead of the primitive Palm VII network thing. Had it not been for the Tech Crash and 9/11, we'd have beaten Apple by 5-6 years.