Pete Zaitcev (zaitcev) wrote,
Pete Zaitcev

Ichigo Mashimaro

I got around to watching Ichigo Mashimaro. It was quite disappointing. Everything about acting felt obnoxiously artificial. If it were a live-action movie, I would tell that acting was "forced". Just how they accomplish the same effect in a cartoon, I cannot understand. Horrible, just horrible.

Art was nice and modern, like a beta version of Pani Poni Dash. Cute character designs.

Since I saw it on fansubs, I have to buy a DVD when someone licenses it. Damn that code of honor. I really do not want to see it again. On the other hand, I may see the show in a different light later, so no need to whine (whine more).

Liked: very little
Rewatch: no
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