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Put simply, Dokuro-chan is the vilest anime I have ever watched (in full). It's not the most violent, and not the most sexually explicit. Oh no, it's much worse than just that. It's the mix of feeble story, poor use of cliches, and sexual innuendo instead of humour - all combined on purpose and with utmost professionalism.

I do not quite possess the command over the written word to explain what exactly was so wrong with the show, but here's what I think would match it perfectly (originally written to summarize Girls' High by Anime Pilgrimage):

I watched this because I wanted a brief period wherein I didn’t have to think. I didn’t quite escape the world for 23 minutes, as I was haunted by thoughts of just how stupid this is. To watch Girls’ High is to feel like an ultimate pervert; it is to feel sorry for the poor, exploited seiyuu; it is to wonder at how contrived modern fan service is; it is the death of the soul of some sort of small, innocent mammal.
Needless to say, Girls' High is not going to be high on my list.

Since Dokuro-chan is very consistent, I knew how bad it was after seeing the first doublet. However, due to someone else, I had to see the remaining three doublets or six episodes.

Liked: no
Rewatch: NO

{Update 2006/10/17: Wonderduck is another voluntary sufferer. He was warned, but watched it anyway.}

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