Pete Zaitcev (zaitcev) wrote,
Pete Zaitcev

Kamichu! in sub

On the topic of Kamichu! in sub or dub, my opinion is simple: it is worth to learn Japanese just to watch Kamichu! Trust me, I did. This might not be of immediate help for Aziz's daughter, but oh well.

The situation with fansubs of Kamichu was a disaster, as I mentioned before. MEYRIN issued dubious softsubs on top of the fake HDTV. IIchan was perpetually behind. Maybe they did quality work, only nobody had patience to learn that. The arrival of C1 fixed things, but by that time I was watching my R2 DVDs.

If Geneon made a mash of translation, that would be unusual of them, and a great disrespect to such a hot property among all the mediocrity they also have to license.

BTW, since I was watching MEYRIN's stuff by the way of "more Kamichu\" in a gnome-terminal's window, it is very easy to copy-paste their production:

00:21:46,240 --> 00:21:48,620
--- I think it was "Later."

00:22:02,940 --> 00:22:06,870
Hey! Pile on the trash. I'm going to the incinerator.
--- IIRC, he simply said, "Gomi."

00:22:13,340 --> 00:22:16,800
Hm? Wait... Ichihashi-san?
--- Ad-libing again. He simply said, "Ichi... hashi... -san?"

00:22:18,020 --> 00:22:19,230
It's Hitotsubashi.\N(spelled the same way)
--- Yay! An useful cultural note! I suppose that redeems it somewhat...

When Totem gained the capability to display softsubs, it did not interpret the backslash escapes. Not that I am ever going to use that capability now...
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