Pete Zaitcev (zaitcev) wrote,
Pete Zaitcev

Windy Tales (Fuujin Monogatari)

I apologize for the lack of anime recently, I'm being caught up with this Linux thing again. Haven't seen anything since finishing Dai-Guard.

So, the Windy Tales. It is simply stunning.

Nao Ueshima

After watching, not much was to add to what I wrote before without spoiling. Unbelievably artistic. Japanese-looking characters. Also, the psychology is quite refined.

Unfortunately, there is no story. The one at which they hint in the begining does not pan out, which was a big downer for me. But then I learned to approach the series with the right frame of mind and it was very enjoyable. It's not much different from Azumanga in its story-telling.

Liked: YES
Rewatch: low, but yes
Tags: anime
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