Pete Zaitcev (zaitcev) wrote,
Pete Zaitcev

Burning Man

I never was to the Man. Instead, I got acquainted with the ugly side of BMORG over the years. As they say, lovers of sausage should not learn how it's made. But the event definitely has its moments when clueless cubicle dwellers descend into desert.

My favourite story is from 2004, when I drove a buddy to a store in Empire (it's the little company town 4 miles south from Gerlach, on Rt. 447). My friend went to buy his thing, and I got out of the truck and enjoyed myself. A group of burners in front of the store watched me for a while, then asked: "Excuse us, but are those guns real?"

I was at a loss of words. Why would I keep fake guns on a gun rack in my truck? I just could not comprehend the thought process that yielded the question.

If they were chicks, my super-inflated ego would assume that they were hitting on me ineptly, but no... they weren't.

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