Pete Zaitcev (zaitcev) wrote,
Pete Zaitcev

Media Factory can suck it

I just noticed that Zero no Tsukaima is based on a novel produced by Media Factory, and we know what kind of jackasses they are. So, I should not be watching that (anymore). Fortunately, I'm only on ep.7.

I am not for boycots in general (unless it's a boycott of Smith&Wesson). Also, the case is murky. By going after fansubbers Media Factory violates the honor code. If they made the anime, upon the discovery of it, I would consider myself not bound by it either, that much is clear. However, what happens to my responsibilites to J.C. STAFF?

The Solomon solution here follows. Even though I saw and enjoyed a few episodes of ZNT by accident, I'm not obliged to buy DVDs. I am decrementing the ZNT's priority in my queue by a few points. This means that, if I buy anything, it's going to be a deeply discounted DVD.

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