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Naruto episodes

I'm going to spoil a little bit. So if you are a kind of person who did not know that in "Passion of the Christ" Jesus died, or that Darth Vader is Luke's father, you better skip over this entry.

Real R1 Naruto DVDs started to trickle in. In San Francisco, for example, you can see them on the same shelf with Hong Kong bootlegs. Only 2 volumes are available at the moment.

Since Naruto is so gigantic and uneven, I am going to buy parts only. So far, the must-have episode list shapes like this.

  • #19: The aftermath of Sasuke's death was awesome. Haku is so cold, you can't help loving the little brain-damaged kid. Well, both of them. Poor Sakura, too.
  • #22: Energy 120%. And it really is, all the way. Background changes are magic. Dialogue is fantastic. BTW, in this episode Sakura saves Sasuke's ass from a very bad injury, and not a signle reviewer take the point when they bash her.
  • #32: Sakura Blossoms. What can I say, I'm weak for the silly wench. Kishimoto only gives her character displays very infrequently.
  • #53: The chemistry of Ero-hermit and the master of Sexy-jutsu is very worthy. Sometimes I wonder if it is wise to keep Naruto in the dark like Jiraya does, but every time I see that it is wise. It may not be fair, but life is not supposed to be fair.
  • #70: Maybe (Shika).
  • #80: Sakura in black, how can I refuse? No, that was a joke. The real reason is, it's a different kind of Naruto, and it's great. Don't expect any action.
  • #86-#100: This is probably the most consistent arc with the smallest amount of useless footage. But it is a long sequence, so I'll have to think about it. I'll get it if I decide on getting a contiguous arc.
  • #109: Maybe (Sakura).
  • #122: Maybe (Shika).
  • #125: Maybe (Temari & Shika).
  • #135: This is an aftermath and a pivot episode, but it has Temari & Shika, plus Sakura, etc. Lots of useful dialogue to remember.

If Hinata got a better lot than the one she gets, I'd love to see that. But alas, her treatment really wasn't satisfactory - and that's including the ridiculous attack (defence, actually), given to her in the fillers.

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