Pete Zaitcev (zaitcev) wrote,
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Porco Rosso

I rewatched Porco Rosso the other day, and took a few screenshots. When I looked at them afterwards, I was amazed just how great the art was. Bloggers use a cliche, "feature length quality animation". The presumption is, TV series have worse quality than features, because features are supposed to be shown in theaters. I have my doubts about that generalization, but Porco Rosso is "feature quality".

The story of the tragic hero was told better elsewhere, so I won't be touching on it.

The movie is a treasure for an armchair flyboy. Think of it as Stratos 4, only without the annoyance of female anatomy shown in your face. Inertial starters, spark advance, and goddamn rudder bar: all presented in the minutiest detail. OK, no radial engines. But who's counting!

The magic of flight is also passed well, with lavish backgrounds and music. I could watch clips of that just as music video, without any action. But hot A2A action is there, too.

As an aside, we get to see how airplanes are made. Also, it reminded me of an American cartoon from WWII days, where the grandma of Little Red Hood leaves her a note: "Working Swing Shift at Lockheed". Can you guess why?

In the very end, Miyazaki throws a curious curved ball. Credits roll with pictures on the left. I didn't see anything unusual until the very end, when a picture of a man walking to an airplane is shown.

I can swear upon anything that I saw this photograph before. I cannot remember where, but I did. But if I did, then perhaps all other cute pictures alongside the credits are also inspired by photographs. Wouldn't it be interesting to harness the power of Google Cache to find them....

Liked: Yes
Rewatch: Yes

{Update 2006/10/16: Smooge sent me an e-mail to claim that he saw at least two of those pictures and suggest that the person valking is "a postman". I had this suspicion too; where else would a pilot carry a whole sack to the airplane. But the exact source is still unknown.}

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