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I saw this word a few months ago, in a Usenet posting about Divergence Eve:

300 years from now humanity will be defended by hot chicks with ginormous tatas piloting lame looking mechs. After five episodes, I still don't understand anything else about this OVA.

Today, Jon Goff uses it:

The delivered payload to station isn't tightly coupled with the drymass. For example, the theoretical numbers I used for a tug sized for the K-1 had about 200lb drymass, and about 360lb of propellant, for a delivered payload of 9855lb (compared to 8800lb without the tug). Upping the drymass of the tug to 500lb only costs about 21lb of payload. Upping it to 1000lb only drops the payload by about 62lb compared to a 200lb tug, and a ginormous 2000lb tug (at this point a gold-plated one with manned compartment, robot arm, solar panels, berthing interface, and lots of other goodies) only drops the on orbit payload by 145lb vs the 200lb drymass version. That's still over 9700lb to the station, which is still almost a 10% increase.

Maybe it's a new slang, but it appears in circulation.

By the way, behold the power of ESR (or at least the power of ESR's rhetoric), according to the same post:

Not having to have each cargo module or space station chunk have its own avionics suite, its own star tracker, its own RCS system and plumbing, its own AR&D hardware makes them a lot cheaper and easier to make. The actual interfaces for these dumb cargo containers could be standardized and open source.

I do not know if Jon actually expects the interface implementation to be available in CAD files at Savanna,, or even under a true Open Source license. If he does not, then it's "open specification", "patent-free standard", "sourced from subassembly vendors on an open market", or any of these things, but it's not Open Source. Also... Such use might be something Bruce Perens wants to talk over with users, because it dillutes the Open Source trademark [Ed: jokes never work online].

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