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Why Ranma sucks

I heard about Ranma 1/2 for years, but only got to watch it after my foray into anime fanfic. The "old school" anime fanfic authors in America are very much joined with Ranma at the hip, so I had to look at the material just to have an idea what the fuss is about. After looking, I suspect very much that they largely locked on the fashionable themes of sexual perversion.

The main theme of Ranma is Ranma changing his sex (back and forth, all the time), and wacky hijinks that ensue. This leaves me uninterested. Even if I were into it, the idea is clearly not thought out well. For example, what happens if Ranma gets pregnant when female?

The second biggest theme is Akane and Ranma slowly getting together. It was a rocky road. Akane, in a way, may be considered the origin of all tsunderes. She is really cute in that role, going from tsun to dere in a flash, demolishing Ranma in effigy then collecting the pieces to dust them off, and so on.

Unfortunately, after the roles of characters were decided, the creators completely froze them, and went on into the retarded matial arts inflation spiral, which continued for 7 seasons. They had the usual excuse. Rumiko Takahashi was making the manga slowly, etc. etc. But but for me, only the result is important, and the result is 200 episodes of boredom, which puts Majin Buu arc of DBZ to shame.

Several other themes are present as well. For example, Ranma essentially collects what is known now as harem, although in his/her case it's a mix of sexes. Also, there's a lot of fighting, at first simply super-powerful, and later outright magical (due to power inflation).

Overall, it seems as if both Ms. Takahashi and anime creators did not know the basic designs of anime as recognized today. They played chess without knowing standard debutes. So, they touched upon many things which could be interesting, then failed to develop them. And of course, the milking and extensions were just horrendous. If the story, from the first meeting after the rain and up to the marriage, were told in 26 episodes, the anime would be much better (and more affordable).

Liked: So-so
Rewatch: A little, in the first season

{Update: Alex's take.}

{Update: Another nostalgic victim.}

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