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Futakoi drowns itself, Tenshi no Shippo

This is a harem week. I have just finished Futakoi, and by the end I started thinking "I could have watched Lain instead". Same tiring effort, but at least I'd see some classic. Who knew that it's going to be such an unfun run? Meanwhile, half of Lain sits in its store wrapper.

Futakoi started dumb as a post and had me rolling eyes a lot. The harem man, Nozomu, is utterly indecisive, and the only thing he is capable of doing is to ride his luck. However, I remembered that Mahoraba's lead was pretty bleak in the begining and stuck with it. I could have dropped the show even after that, but around the ep.7 the story abruptly turned from slapstick comedy into romance and drama. So I hoped for the better, only to be rewarded by a trainwreck ending which does not resolve any plotlines.

Of Tenshi no Shippo (Angel Tales in R1 version), I only saw one DVD. It starts as dumb as Futakoi, although the comedy is somewhat more easy-going and memorable. For the taste of it, I remember one moment when The Goddess, in her infinite majesty, reveals a Live CB (Crystal Ball) transmission of Goro fighting off his guardian angels as they attempt to undress him -- ostensibly for the purposes of hygiene. The idiocy of observed scene does not faze observers one iota, and they remain in the Goddess' bliss while the little image of Goro in the CB struggles to save last shreds of his battered dignity.

I fully expect Tenshi no Shippo to make a turn once the setup is done and start telling the story, but there's no telling if it's worth watching. Futakoi certainly wasn't.

Liked: Not violently against it, but it's no Mahoraba
Rewatch: No

{Update: I forgot to mention that twins make Futakoi's love dodecahedron harder to digest. They look exactly alike, but do not behave the same. I resorted to sketching a basic map with little tags for each character and arrows for love interest. Specifically, Kaoruko has a tail, whereas Sumireko doesn't (she is pictured above). Yura combs her hair to the right, Kira combs to the left. I can't help it, I'm dense.}

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